Sunday, 1 July 2012

UnBan Software

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MK Servers


Master Killer TS Server IP :


Create your teamspeak server this website and download your teamspeak server



Web Mod Tutorial on CS 1.6 serverThis plugin allows you to see and administrate, in some limits, your counter strike 1.6 server, using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozzila Firefox.
Download it here and copy the "w" folder in HLDS\cstrike\addons and edit it in metamod\plugins.ini :

win32 addons\w\dlls\w_mm.dll

Save and close, and if the server was started, restart.
To see your server o the browser, acces the page, where xx... is the server's ip, and “port” is its port, which is usually 27015 (if you haven't changed it). There you will be asked to log on and you use the RCON password (the one you write on the console when you start the server). Anyone can access this address, but only the ones who know the RCON password can administrate it.For all the plugins here:
In order to see if the plugin works, if it is corectly installed, write "meta list" in the console! The ones that appear with RUN there, are ok.

      Golden AK47 Model for Counter Strike 1.6

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